The National Parks Challenge

I am very passionate about the environment and the natural wonders that are around the world. I have visited many of these National Parks for backpacking trips and regular camping, but I have also been involved with a couple of these parks in my youth by donating some of my time to help the U.S. Forest Service. There are a total of 58 National Parks in the United States, but I may limit this challenge to just ten. I might go beyond and include some of the National Forests and National Landmarks that has been part of America’s past times.

Because I am essentially working three jobs at the moment, I have limited myself to ten rather than the full 58, and thought that they would end up masking into a blur of step and repeat. So instead of just doing one single logo, I thought I would do three variations of the same logo for each of my top ten National Parks:

  1. Glacier National Park

  2. Grand Canyon National Park

  3. Grand Teton National Park

  4. Yellowstone National Park

  5. Sequoia National Park

  6. Yosemite National Park

  7. Denali National Park

  8. Arches National Park

  9. Badlands National Park

  10. Death Valley National Park

Note: I am not doing these designs for the National Parks Service and I am not affiliated in any way with such organization. This is purely recreational, and not a commission by such entity.

BrandingAdam WillettComment