Quickie Update

I’ll be doing some updates to willettdesigns.com that will integrate MinimalMod into the realm until I am able to get minimalmod.com up and running. This might take a little while to pursue, however, this will be an added value to my mission, not only as a minimalist, but for someone that is willing to give an experience that I have had as a minimalist.

So, you will see some weird things happen to willettdesigns.com over the next couple of weeks in preparation for minimalmod.com coming to fruition. There will be some added sections, sections deleted, and some that take a new format. I’ll leave it as a surprise for now until all of the changes are made and a post to tell you about it.

Like I have mentioned in my previous post, MinimalMod is going to be a resource for minimalists that are attempting to get a little more with less, and will feature a monthly magazine of the electronic variety, and will also feature a couple of books that I am currently writing side-by-side.

One book called “Kill Me in Arizona”, and the other with the working title, “Splurge”, will have some updates as well in a future post with more details; both be released at the same time. They will both work in tandem as one will venture into my life as a minimalist, and the other dives into my career as a designer of all sorts.

You will find more happenings with MinimalMod at willettdesigns.com for the time being, and will post more news on Facebook.

Update 07/12/19…

I have gotten a start to MinimalMod with a domain purchase. I will be working diligently to get the site up and running over the next couple of weeks. I have a bunch of essays that I am currently sorting through, little snippets and excerpts from my upcoming books, and a preview of the magazine that is currently in the works with a release sometime in Winter this year just in time for the holidays. Again there will be no ads or promotions across all vehicles.

I’ll keep you posted here on willettdesigns.com as more details come to light.