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I think that we have all hit that point in our hunt for a new job or career. It’s like digging a hole to plant a tree with a spoon trying to get into a position before the holiday season gets kicked off starting in October. Well, at least for the industry that I am in.

The holiday season begins in October as many marketing departments, agencies and studios are beginning to get into the swing of things. Six months ago, it would have been the prime time to begin hiring additional bodies to quelm the rush of projects six months in the future as contracts and deals begin to boom with new names and faces, and new ideas and projects. It all comes to that abrupt halt after Halloween takes hold and the weather has a bit of bite with it’s cool crisp air.

Just like every other designer that has been in the market for something new, I’m feeling the hurt too. Over the last six months, I have applied and sent out resumes to countless hundreds of design positions, and the ratios aren’t great in the sense of getting a foot in the door. On average, I would set an expectation to submit for five postings a day. Sometimes I would post for more than that, but on average, we are looking at 912 postings a day that I have submitted for. Out of every one of those postings, I got 749 rejections (I actually saved everyone of them), and 1 interview. The interview that I had did just enough damage to my pride as it wasn’t just a regular interview, but a rejection interview. Maybe this is something new?

There really isn’t any sort of advice that I can give on searching for a job, other than just keep plugging away at it. Right now I have a “job”, but I am not sure for how much longer. I am currently weighing my options and may have to stick with it for longer. Just because the holiday season is coming up shortly, it doesn’t mean that I, or anyone, should give up hope. There is still there around the bend for everyone.


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