A Job Is Just A Job


A job is just a job. It’s not a career, passion or mission. It’s discontentment filled in a chair or seat, behind a grill, or in front of a cash register. A job is just a job if the main characteristic is that it has the benefit of a revolving door. You are easily replaced by the next applicant that takes a tour of the office during their entrance interview sporting that cheesy colored shirt with the horrible patterned tie. A job is just a job if you call it that and remain stagnant in your position. You don’t move up or forward. There is no growth by learning something new, and certainly doesn’t have the potential of providing it. A job is just a job if you are considered a statistic to the longevity of employment by the Human Resources department. A job is just a job when you are identified by a number. A job is a job when you are repetitive in your motions. If you drive yourself in circles day after day, you continue to do so in that dusty cubicle you almost consider your home away from home. A job is just a job when you are at work more than you are at home. A job is just that. A job. Sometimes, you just need to walk away and pursue your passions.