Here is a Taste of Things to Come


I have been coming up with some creative ideas that have been put on the side burner while I have been working on a lifestyle side project. I wanted to put together a few updates on some personal challenges, a few writing projects that have been in development, and some insightful ideas to where I want to put some of my time and effort into.

58 National Parks Challenge
I am going to be adding a little bit to my portfolio with a logo project that will span 58 different logos for each of the U.S. National Parks in 30 days. I will begin this project starting in September, posting a new logo or two each day into a gallery to be posted in my portfolio and Instagram. Each logo will be unique featuring a key attraction of the National Park into the logo. I would love to do more challenges like this to progress in my designs using minimalism.

Simply A Children’s Book
This is a book project that my kid and I are writing and putting together as a minimalism project and to do something creative together. This would be the first minimalism book meant for children in minimalist families, or families that want to have a more meaningful life with less, that would be available in ebook format and possibly print.

This will also be my first experience publishing a book that will help me with some books in the future that I am currently writing.

Historic Route 66 Challenge
After the National Parks Challenge, in October/November, I will be doing a poster display collection of the most famous stops and attractions on Historic Route 66. For those of you that are infatuated with the stories of the Mother Road and the height of road trips leaving all of your worries in the rearview mirror, you might find this as a great display of historic representations of nostalgia put into a modern artistic design.

Anything Else?
Not much else is going on at the current time. I am still working on MinimalMod by developing more value added content and resources, but it is coming along great! I’m currently working on some very time consuming tif bits for some really great downloadable tools. I’m also developing a blog series that will be printed in book format.

So yes, there is a lot on my plate, however all I have to do is just sit in the chair and let myself go.

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