A Whole New Format

I know that I have a ton of projects going on all at once. I get it. I am just sidetracking myself into oblivion right now. Believe me when I say this, but every day has something different going on. I wanted to make the most of it by doing some cleaning of my website, my blog, and my entire brand.

It does seem a little excessive that I keep changing things around. I am still going through an experimental phase of figuring out the best way to display my site and my entire brand for my freelance business. As I drum it all out, it will help keep things to the point and not have so much content that it bores you to death.


I am going through a new branding with a set of guidelines that I am currently putting together as of this post. It was fun drudging through the drudgery that is paying off handsomely with a more minimalist look and feel.

I have redesigned everything from the logo, established a new set of typography, and designed a custom set of icons to illustrate some of the important things across the vehicles that I am using for my freelance business.


The main drastic change that many will see is the page itself will be organized to be in an editorial layout with a few additional categories, and a new layout structure for the articles themselves. With the new branding, the structure will see a few additions with suggested or related posts. Not a lot will be added overall, but the appearance will be drastic enough to be noticeable.

Current & Upcoming Projects

I have had to put many of these projects on the back burner. They are only personal projects, but I’ve had to make sacrifices to work on my branding.

Another reason for this has been because I have been in a rampant search for opportunities to gracefully exit what I am currently doing to keep the roof over my head. I have had a few leads and hopefully, I will have more than the two hours a day to work on freelancing and finishing up on projects that have not been forgotten.

National Parks Logos (Postponed)Although I have posted a few pieces already, I am pushing this one back for a bit. I have already put some ideas together for a couple more, however, I am postponing this as I get time to work on it a little more.

Route 66 Project (On Hold)
I haven’t had a chance to start this one or even get some ideas put in place yet. So, this will probably be put on hold until I can finish the former project, or if I have a spark of inspiration going on.

Minimalist Children’s Book (On Hold)This one is still in the writing part, and there are only a few hand illustrations that I have completed for character designs, backdrops, and certain objects. I have been trying to set aside some time to work on it little by little, however, time is just not on my side yet to complete this yet.

MinimalMod (Cancelled)I have canceled this project. It was just not enough time or resources to manage two websites at a time, and the posts that I was creating were merging with ideas I have for later posts on this one.

Branding Guidelines (Working)
As I am completing a section, I am getting it put into the website. This will be the first of many projects that I have been able to complete and it’s almost done!

The Process Series (Working)This is an article project that I was working on for MinimalMod that I ended up bringing over to this website to be posted. I have already written five articles, and I have two more that are in development with seven more in planning. I should have the ones that were already written, edited and finished posted in the next couple of weeks as I get the others finished in time for the new blog format to be released.

Lots of changes, but more projects being postponed to make room for others. As I complete some of the more important ones and time allowed, I will start back up on the ones that I intend on completing and hopefully before the end of the year.

UpdatesAdam Willett