A New Something for Everything

Hello everyone! It’s been a few minutes. Well, quite a few minutes. I know I fell off the face of the earth, and for good reasons. Notice that it was plural. There were a plethora of reasons that my existence remained for the most part, off the grid.

I went through some very huge changes, and more hardships than anyone can imagine. Sure, there have been some very small, meaningful events that have taken place. But the hardships that I have endured have outweighed anything that I or anyone could possibly fathom right now.

Life went upside-down almost overnight a couple of years back that had forced me to look for other avenues of work. With the industry already saturated with competition and not enough positions available, I had no other choice that to take a hiatus from design and change industries. Rather than continue on with my career as a designer, I was forced into a job that just doesn’t fit me. I stuck with it for almost two years, however I have no lifestyle other than sleep, eat, and work for 11-14 hours a day and not get any sort of development out of it. There is no progression. It’s just not who I am and it’s not for me. It’s doing more harm than good. I’m not here to gripe about the job that I am holding right now to keep my household going. I’m here to redefine myself and get back on scope.

New Things

Many new things are happening right now as I make an attempt to reignite my career. With new things come new ideas, with those new ideas comes progression and development. Here are a few things that are breaking right now:

  1. New Website: Yes! I have a new website through a new host as many can probably see. I’m being hosted through Squarespace which has been a lifesaver in the sense of building a very attractive website. I saved a bunch of time, since time has been very minimal in order to get a professional portfolio posted, along with other things. I have some more plans in the future and post about that when the time comes.

  2. New Design Principles: I’ve adopted Scandinavian minimalism principals into my designs and website. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting some new work that I have been working on to add to my portfolio. It’s not for any particular client, but rather to get a foothold in the right direction for my design techniques.

  3. New Outlook: I’m redeveloping myself not just as a designer, but to redevelop myself as an individual. I have changed a lot over the last couple of years and I feel I have a lot of improvement to look forward to. I need to make improvements not just in the work that I do, but also with my lifestyle choices, the influences that surround me, and my overall wellness.

  4. Blogs: I’m actually going to post blogs regularly. I have a list of topics that I want to post about that I think would be pretty interesting, but also post about clients, work, and other things that are related to my career.

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I am looking forward to some new changes and the changes that are ahead. I believe new employment would be a start in my experience. It’s my first stepping stone to getting back to the way things were before.

Coming Up Ahead

I have a bunch of topics that I will be writing about in the future. There will be career advice, design advice, tutorials, snippets, and more. I want to contribute to other designers in hopes that it will become useful in the future.

My blog will feature a few topics that will be coming up, including the most recent posts. In every one of my posts, I will have a link to my CV and a contact link. I know that when it comes to future employers and clients, they will see this, so what better than to advertise myself into a new position?


So there you go, I’m on my way back to my designated career choice and looking toward the future as a designer. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. You will see more from me here on my blog and on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Behance. Connect with me and follow me.

AUTHOR: Adam Willett - A Creative Designer