Taking Direction 

About Me


 Hi, my name is Adam Willett and I am a creative freelance designer and mentor living in Florence, Arizona. I am a blogger, writer, graphic designer, web designer, and an overall creative strategist that is always looking for great opportunities with great people to add value to my life and my work.

I have over 20 years of experience in print production, print layout and design, branding, website design, and content strategy. Overall, I love to help locally owned small businesses build and thrive using simplicity that I use to build my business.


The Modern Minimalist
Inspired by Scandinavian design principles, and post-modern minimalist styles. Simplicity in form and color has been the approach I have always taken when producing designs and brand due to the clean layouts and crisp lines and shapes of today’s standards.

Not too much and not too little. It’s just the right amount. This is a Swedish idea that promotes on an idea that brings balance in many different aspects of my life and work. Keeping me well proportioned and simple has helped my creativity in many different ways.


Simple Resources
Taking a simple approach isn’t always what it seems to be, but with technology becoming more ubiquitous and on the upscale rise; it’s hard to avoid it. I utilize tools that are packaged appropriately to avoid having too many of one thing.

Path Finding
I love my passions and the paths they have put me on. I have been able to combine or stack my passions in a way that it has allowed me to progress, pursue, and populate more insightful and appreciative productivity in life and work. Everything has it’s place and use.


adding value to life & Work




 Minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of a bunch of stuff. It’s a process lifestyle for those that want to lead a more meaningful life with less. I wanted to take minimalism a bit further by not only by bringing it into my life, but bringing it into my work as well.

I have been using minimalism as a business idea after it has changed the way I live my life. I use the five core values of minimalism to promote more meaningful business practices to introduce more mindful strategies.


The relationships that we hold with our clients, customers, and colleagues create a cornerstone for any business by providing experiences as a benefit, rather than just something that is consumable with no added value.

You can certainly grow a business, but letting growth flourish that benefits both personal life and work life creating better habits, more contentment, furthering the development of your mission.


Don’t follow your passions, pursue them and live in the moment with them. These passions develop over time and could birth new ones along the way creating a new unexpected journey.

Businesses can’t thrive without collaboration of new ideas or improving on old ones through charitable contribution between clients, businesses, or even the communities that you are involved in.


Promoting health, though last, is still an important thing to keep minds and bodies fit to perform the work at hand through a mixture of professional progression and diet and exercise promoting healthier ideas.


Defining My Journey 




My mission is to contribute honest and integral creativity using mindful strategies by utilizing multiple vehicles for curating the five core values of minimalism into each design. Using this idea can set myself apart from an industry that is based on promoting consumption at an extraordinary scale.

I’m not saying that we should all stop spending money on items that we find has added value to our lives, but to control consumption by creating good habits and acting on good intentions.


Honest Design
Avoid contributing to compulsory consumption through means of fast fashion, predatory advertising, and target marketing campaigns.

Meaningful Curation
Treating design as a form of art that requires great curation to draw eyes, but also to promote positive experiences.


Build Relationships
Establish open and creative relationships with clients and colleagues that contributes to growth and direction.

Progressive Growth
Maintain a balance that allows for growth, not in numbers, but in experiences that become exponential.