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The Focus


What I Love To Do


I incorporate my core passions in a different way professionally that it doesn’t interfere with the passions I enjoy in my personal life.

Defining My Journey


Contributing honest and integral creativity using mindful strategies through multiple vehicles utilizing and curating the five core values of minimalism into each design.


Taking Direction

About Me


A Journey for Freedom

The Designer

Find out more about me and what I am all about as a creative; a journey that has taken me to places big and small.


A Vision for Mindfulness

My Brand

Discover what gives me the drive to pursue my passions as a creative designer in an industry that has so much competition.


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Building Simplicity

Design Services

Creativity through simplicity combined with hand made graphics and illustrations to provide a mindful marketing strategy.


A Step in the Right Direction


Expand on your passions through insightful practices with a business minded freelance minimalist.


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